Sharing Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic mediums are many, and we believe that every person has the capability to become a psychic if they have the mindset and the willpower to become one. Having the abilities alone will not make you a good psychic; you need to share these in order to make a difference in the life of someone.

Offer To Help

If you know someone who is distressed, offer to help them. They may have something to tell a person who has crossed the line or want to know something from them. Offer to help them; you can communicate with the spirit of the dead person and given them their answers. Keep in mind that you should not ask too many things to them, or else they will start doubting your psychic ability. Doing a psychic reading online is a great responsibility on your shoulders, and you should do it with utmost dedication and sincerity. If you must

Consider Starting A Psychic Business

Once you are able to provide help to the people you know, it is time to expand your customer database. If you have been successful in helping out your near and dear ones, the word will spread like fire, and you would be getting some clients who have been referred by them. You can start with setting up a website that would have all your contact details. You can allocate a room in your home especially for consultations and meet with the clients in there. You will also have to abide by the small business laws that are prevalent in your geographic area. Later on, you can consider opening an office for the same and have visiting cards.

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Can You Become A Psychic Medium?


A psychic medium is a person who has the ability to be aware and to talk to the souls of the dead or people in the other dimensions. People reach out to such psychic mediums to sort out any issues that were unresolved when those people who crossed the line were alive and walking with us. Psychic mediums use palmistry, tarot cards, psychometric and crystal balls in order to perform a conversation with the soul of the person who is dead and get the required answers for the family members.

So, do you think you can become a psychic medium? If you ask me, yes, anyone can become one. You should have the unconditional belief in the process and do the following steps in a meticulous way and one day you will find yourself to be a psychic medium.

Knowing What It Means To Become A Psychic Medium

A psychic medium can sense the spirits in the other dimensions by using specific abilities that they may possess. The abilities are classified into three main categories.

Clairvoyance: A clairvoyant medium can see the spirits, things that are not seen by the other people. People who have crossed the line may appear in front of them, they can see places they have not actually seen before, etc. We believe that a clairvoyant medium uses his or her third eye that is located in between the two eyes. Everyone has the third eye, but only those who have the strength and willpower to use it will get the privilege of using it.

Clairaudience: A clairaudient medium is a person who can hear things from the other side. They can hear voices of the spirits and are able to communicate with them at ease. They also have the ability to communicate with people who are in other parts of the world by using their skill.

Clairsentience: A clairsentient medium is a person who can experience the psychic communication by knowledge. They get some kind of messages from the spirits that are understood by them and are able to interpret it to the family of the dead.

Determining The Level Of Psychic Ability In You

Every person who is living in this world will have some kind of psychic ability inside them. The same applies to you as well. We normally use this ability as an intuition and to connect with other people or God. If you have the ability then why don’t you use it? You are the best person to judge yourself. To get into opening the vision of the third eye, all you need is to practice and you will be able to strengthen your psychic skills. Start with asking yourself what are the psychic abilities that you possess and then you can fine tune them to become a good psychic medium.

Researching On Psychic Mediums

The best way to find out if you have the capacity to be a psychic medium is to do the research. Not all the psychic mediums that are very popular today were born with that talent. You can make yourself a psychic medium if you have the interest, willpower and the internal strength that it takes to make successful communications with spirits that have crossed the line of life. Reading books and putting them into action is another way in which you can hone your psychic skills.

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Tips For Developing Your Psychic Abilities

There are a lot of capabilities that a psychic can possess. In order to become a good psychic, you need to first identify your psychic abilities, and then develop them. There are many ways in which you can develop your abilities and here I am discussing the top three that made me become the kind of psychic I am today.

Increase The Awareness

The main role of a psychic is to be open to any kind of communication with the spirits who are in the other side of life. The communication can be through vision, hearing and in some cases only through the thoughts. You need to pay attention to your intuition. Keep an eye out for increasing your awareness and trying to open up the third eye. You need to spend a lot of time on your own.

Allow thoughts to come in, do not restrict them. Have an open mind and absorb whatever comes to your mind. Try to keep writing whatever comes to your mind, don’t try to make sense out of it or don’t stop. It will take time for anyone to understand the messages from other spirits. Once you start writing them down, you will be able to identify some patterns and things will start to make sense.

Active Communication Is The Key

You should be in active communication with the spirits, and this is the key to becoming a successful psychic. If you are new to this field, start with doing a medium circle in which a group of mediums comes together in order to communicate with some spirits. This would give you the required exposure to having an open communication with spirits on the other side of life. You can set up a place of the house that is quite and start your communication from there. Turn off the lights, and candles can be lit to make the place a little more spiritual.

Say a prayer and call out for the spirits to come and join you. You will be able to recognize their presence by smell, sound or pure thoughts, whatever medium the spirits use to communicate. Continue to communicate with the spirit with an open mind. At times, you may feel pain or maybe a little frightened, this is bound to happen when you are new. Once you practice this a few more times, you will become more comfortable and find it easy to communicate with the spirits.

Take a Course or Workshop

There are a lot of resources that are available these days, and you can quench your thirst for knowledge from these. Many bookstores and spiritual centres may offer courses or workshops about psychic mediums and you can make use of them. Try to attend fairs and conferences that could also enhance your knowledge about different and new psychic mediums.